Treachery for Cherokees in The Trail of Tears” by author Dee Brown

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In the essay, “The Trail of Tears” by author Dee Brown explains that the Cherokees isn’t Native Americans that evaporate effectively from their tribal land, but the enormous measure of sympathy supported on their side that was abnormal. The Cherokees process towards culture also the treachery of both states and incorporated governments of the declaration and promises that contrived to the Cherokee nation. Dee Brown wraps up that the Cherokees had lost Kentucky and Tennessee, but a man who once consider their buddy named Andrew Jackson had begged the Cherokees to move to Mississippi but the bad part is the Indians and white settlers never get along together even if the government wanted to take care of them from harassment it shall be …show more content…
President Jackson and the governor of Georgia pressured the Cherokees leaders to urge them to surrender all of their land and move to the West that may be safer but the chiefs handled to hold the group together and help the families to find new homes in the natural area. There was a break out between the Cherokees that a group of sub chiefs decided that it may be better to transfer to another land and to go west than to risk serious killing also losing everything they got.

During May 23, 1836, President Jackson signed a document that the Cherokees is granted two years to leave their homes forever some of the Cherokees preferred the treaty and made their arrangement for an exit of their homelands. The Cherokees should concentrate on waiting for transportation to the West that Scott instructed his own officers to not shoot at the Cherokees and not to have a case to cause any fighting. In June and July, a few hundred of Cherokees shifted in an enormous water route north to the Tennessee River into Ohio and then downwards the Mississippi also up at Arkansas to their new home.

The Cherokee acknowledge to arrange and control the movement themselves after every one of them had the privilege to travel on wagons, also camping not to suffer annihilation of those who had gone at the river with boats. Cherokees advanced many warning arrangement to counter captures of a group of troops. Cherokees was ready for a big overland journey to the West. Each of

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