Essay on The Undercurrents of World War II: The Holocaust

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As tensions escalated in Europe until the point of the Second World War, another war raged beneath the surface, unbeknownst to foreign onlookers. Not only did Hitler and Nazi Germany start an unprovoked war that took the lives of over 50 million soldiers, they also exterminated millions of innocent people for no other reason than their religion. The Holocaust began in 1933, reached its peak during the Second World War, and came to an end with the war in 1945. Hitler used the Holocaust as a mechanism to purge his German state of any lesser people (especially those of Jewish heritage) that might be of some threat to his superior Aryan race. As a result of the Holocaust, millions of men, women, and children of various national, ethnic, …show more content…
Not a particularly talented or smart child, Adolf Hitler was drawn to politics at an early age. He joined the German Workers Party, drawn by the appeal of secrecy and anti-Semitism. Hitler became the speaker for the party in 1919 and subsequently renamed the party the National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZI). One year later he declared himself the Fuhrer of the party. In 1923, Hitler attempted a coop against the Bavarian government, but he was unsuccessful. He was put on trial for treason and for 24 days, Hitler used the courtroom as a propaganda conduit to the public. Newspapers introduced the German people to this rising politician and his radical way of thinking. Through his widely publicized trial, Hitler had gained national influence by controlling the courtroom with his demanding presence and rhetorical skills. During his time spent in jail, he wrote Mein Kampf (“My Struggle”), which expands on his extreme way of thinking and his belief in the superior Aryan race. After serving nine months in prison, Hitler was released a new man with a new sense of purpose. Not only did he write his book, Mein Kampf, while in prison, he also extensively re-thought the failed Nazi revolution of Beer Hall Putsch in 1923. While in prison, Hitler realized that he could not take over the Germany by force, but he must do so by being elected and installing his own government.

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