Essay on The Subconscious

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The Subconscious

Nearly all of us have had the experience of riding on a train, a bus or a plane with no company, with no one to talk to, or at least sitting through a concert or lecture to which we were not really attentive, and meanwhile had fantastic fantasies and ideas running through our minds. This is the subconscious mind, taking advantage to the fullest of the relaxed state of the conscious mind. The term is used interchangeably with the unconscious mind. It is this part of our entity that is the creator of so many of the fabulous inventions. It is capable of doing much of our best thinking and helps us solve the most mind-boggling problems that we encounter; which had remained unsolved after hours of resolved focus with our
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Those three magic sentences lead to the discovery of insulin. Banting’s conscious mind had come to grips with one of the most baffling problems in medical science; his subconscious mind made the final and groundbreaking strokes.
Underestimating the power of the subconscious we try to0 hard to extract our decisions through conscious endeavors, only unintentionally not getting the best there is. The trouble is we are only looking with half of our mind, and with less than half of our accumulated experience and judgement. As a consequence we cheat ourselves of many hours of entertainment, which if present would in itself add to the effectiveness of our thinking.
The multiple-processing takes place at the subconscious level, whereas the conscious mind can only do serial processing. During the very first driving lessons the mind is focused only on the road and how one release’s the clutch in relation to the accelerator. However with the passage of time as one becomes more adept at the task, the driving part seems to go along by itself. One can perform other tasks and one sort of drives automatically. Similarly typists are well aware of this trait when they subconsciously type not knowing where their fingers are going. Only aware of what has to be typed.
A hypnotist repeats his enchantment. But what is he really aiming to achieve? What he really wants to do is maybe to purge his patient from the fear of heights, which inhibits the patient from flying of to the

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