Essay on TheRoles of A Project Manager

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Project Manager Selection

Upon completion of the project portfolio and thorough review of the projects contained within, the Chick-Fil-A project was chosen. Following the selection of the project, the senior management, Industrial Civil and Electrical Engineering (ICEE) Inc., is tasked to choose a project manager who will lead the project. It is the project manager’s job to ensure that the project is properly planned, implemented, and completed. The project manager should be a great facilitator and supervisor, and most importantly an excellent communicator. Project managers are responsible for the successful planning, executing and closing of any project they may host. The project manager for ICEE was selected based on the criteria the
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In the business world, time is money and money is time. Time is something you can never get back, and when you lose it you actually have lost the possibility of generating revenues during that wasted period. The ability to correctly and accurately generate a schedule and stick to it is a great skill. It is one that the Project manager of ICEE must have acquired.

Organizational Skills:

Another crucial skill is organizing. A great project manager must be able to multitask and put systems into place using organizational skills. They must have great coordination which will generally assist in moving things forward, keeping track of action items, and matching personalities to tasks. One way this can be achieved is by assigning a team leader to every major task or activity to sub-manage.

Team Leading Skills:
Leadership style is one of the greatest success factors for project managers. A project manager must determine the most appropriate leadership style for each project team and should choose the correct leadership style based upon the project and project team requirements. They must be able to delegate tasks in an orderly manner i.e. assigning an employee to a task in which their strong assets can assist them in completion of the task. Some of the most common leadership styles for a project manager includes, Autocratic, Consensus, Democratic, and Laissez Faire, (Hodgkinson, 2009).

Problem Resolution:


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