The Reality of Social Networking Essay

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Social networking sites are various websites created to allow people to make profiles and form relationships with other users within the same website. In the website, people express their thoughts and feelings, have public discussions, chat privately, and expand their ideas, or creativity. Political views and friendships are also influenced on the web. It is a major important part of today’s society. Many critics have different sensitive views on the importance of social networking sites. Carl Bialik focus on the principle behind the creation of social networking sites. Julia Angwin expresses the way social networking sites affect the identity of each individual. The Commissioner of Canada adds to Angwin’s ideas of identity, and they …show more content…
Now, old friends can stick around alongside the new ones on your MySpace. When you have occasion to call on one of them, a page contains all the vital stats you'll need to renew the acquaintance (Bialik).
Social networking sites were created based on these principles. The idea was to help people get in contact with old friends, and keep in contact with new friends. Sometimes people find old friends through suggested friends, or they can search for them. These sites also allow people to chat in their inbox, video chat, and comment on each other’s pictures and status’s. However, every friendship is not meant to be forever. Sometimes people come into a person’s life for a season. Some friendships belong to the moment it was created, it was there when it was needed for a purpose. People change as time progresses, and many friends become a nightmare. In Neal’s interview a caller, Nancy expresses, a person in the group “who I thought was my friend for some reason […] blamed me for the loss of my child […] this person had driven me to the point where I was seriously considering a suicide” (qtd in Conan). Nancy was part of a religious group. A group is for support, strength, and love. Through this group, she created a strong bond with a person. At one point, they supported each other, cried together, and loved each other dearly, but that did not stop Nancy’s friend from hurting her. People change, and they often become who

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