The Realities of War Essay

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The Realities of War

In our everyday existence, we are faced with the challenges of the realities of life. Often times we hide our true character in order for those to believe that all is fine in our world. There are no exceptions; all people cover up their actual feelings for different reasons. One reason may be to shelter others from the cruel certainty, or another to portray a perfect life, but in reality, it is non-existence. One author who demonstrates this common behavior is Ron Kovic. In his short story , "Born on the Forth of July", Kovic portrays the world-wide challenges that all people must face, and through his own experiences after the war, depicts the harsh reality that all people
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All of this, all these people, this place, these sounds. I want out of this forever. I am only twenty-one and there is still so much ahead of me (1094).

We all tend to cover up our issues from people, especially the ones close to us. While confined in the hospital, Kovic's family comes to visit him time to time. Kovic lets his family think everything is fine and that his injury from the war isn't very severe. He says, " I never tell my family when they come to visit about the enema room…I hide all that from them and talk about the other, more pleasant things, the things they want to hear" (1095). Just like Kovic, we try to portray a better image. We perform this in a way of covering up the truth. For example, when we run into an old friend, we don't tell them our problems, we let them know about our success. We do this for different reasons, whether it is because we care about what other people think, to upkeep the image we had in the past, make others proud of you, or all of the above. You want people to feel delighted for you, not depressed. Kovic also felt this way when people from his town would come to visit, "It would seem to him that he was always having to cheer them up more than they were cheering him" (1091). Kovic felt constrained to keep up with a positive attitude in order to please those around him.

There are many different ways of covering up

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