The Pros and Cons of Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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In the United States, a seventy-nine year old man who has Alzheimer’s is kept on life support in a vegetative state. He has been on it for six months and can no longer eat by himself. The doctor has put in a feeding tube orally, which causes severe discomfort in the old man. He sometimes tries desperately to drag the tube out, but to no avail due to the atrophy of muscles. This man has no next of kin known and cannot make any decisions on his own. He is suffering a slow death. Earlier in life he expressed his wishes that he would rather die than to succumb to something like this. As medical technology progresses so does the human life span. Therefore, a line should be drawn where you can decide to prolong your life through …show more content…
However, he is unable to steer his life in the direction he wants. In other words, the hospital staff cannot respect his wishes and instead have control over his life. He also has a “living will” stating that in the event that he were to ask for euthanasia then it should be administered to him by the hospital staff (). Instead of having his wishes honored, he grasps life by a thread, unable to decide for himself to let go. On the other hand, life is a precious thing that everyone holds dear and wishes to never let go. Life is in fact a precious thing, but when it interferes with others emotions and causes both the patient and the family mental anguish and is only being sustained by machinery. it is not life at all.
Any dignified death should be one where there is as little suffering as possible. A terminal disease that causes suffering to an individual typically means they will not die a dignified death because of palliative care, end of life care. In 1994, Oregon passed a Death with Dignity Act in order to ensure that all people pass on as peacefully as possible (Death With Dignity). The act made it a goal to reduce the suffering involved with prolonging vegetative life. In order to accomplish these goals, life must be ended in a humane method rather than live their life on machines. This could be accomplished by allowing a physician to administer a prescription to the individual allowing the tortured individual to sleep for eternity. However, this can be considered

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