The Promotion of Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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The world is changing drastically in many ways. Harsh weather conditions are becoming worse due to the universally known problem of climate change. Droughts, floods, cold conditions in warm places, hot conditions in cool places have made it extremely hard to produce food. Not only has climate change affected the weather it also brings in plagues of pests. The environment is changing due to the effect of human impact and the world’s population is growing at an increasingly high rate. Many people are living in poverty and not receiving the nutrients they need from food. However there could be a way to combat some of these problems by making the growth of crops more successful. Using DNA technology foods can be genetically modified (GM) so …show more content…
It has been said that food crops can be genetically modified to withstand the harsh conditions produced from climate change however there are foods being developed to fight global warming. In China a rice has been developed which requires less nitrogen fertiliser. This produces less nitrogen oxide (a greenhouse gas) (Richard, 2008). There is an ongoing debate on whether genetically modifying food should be encouraged to enhance crops to withstand harsh weather conditions. Making a certain crop resistant to frost or drought could help to keep Australian farms going and also keep food cheap. This problem with this solution is that we can only have a vague idea of what weather we are going to have. Therefore it would be pointless to develop a frost resistant crop before we have a warm winter. If a crop was made to grow better with the harsh weather, the weather has to be constantly the same and not continuously changing.
Many people also question the safety of GM Foods. GM Foods in Australia and New Zealand have to go through a strict safety assessment before they become available to buy. They also have to be labelled with ‘Genetically Modified’ (Safety Assessment of Genetically Modified Foods, 2005). This also makes the consumer aware of what they are buying and leaves the choice up to them whether they want to eat it or not. This is critical since many people have different beliefs on this topic. Although GM foods have to go

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