GMO Labeling Affect The Economy

Sarai Valdespino
Ms. Ragno
Practical Writing
07 April 2016
How does Legalization of GMO labeling affect the economy?
GMO production has led to many benefits within the economy, but lately it seems like the daily GMO consumption has become alarming in large populations. The economy has been mandating for facts about their daily eats of genetically modified foods, being denied by the government time after time. The lack of GMO labeling has made a controversy within the economy. It has come to the point where the government will not change its debate with keeping GMOs hidden. Enforcing their debate, the government has told the economy that legalization of genetically modified food labeling could lead to a rise in prices, consumer health, and
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There has not been enough research done upon these genetically modified foods that investigations on human effects is limited. Although tests have not been made on humans, experimental animals have been examined showing “studies linking GM foods to altered metabolism, inflammation, kidney and liver malfunction, and reduced fertility.” (Mount). A few generations on experimented animals have been noticed to lose their ability to reproduce, not only that but as genes are transferred from plants to plants, it has become an alert to allergy sufferers. Many supporters against GMO labeling have spoken that genetically modified foods advance farmers to produce more with less chemicals, leading to a safer economy and cheaper produce. These anti-GMO labeling supporters also state that once GMO labeled products become legalized, farmers will be harmed most, which is not the case. A “strong support from farming communities throughout Washington state for I-522 's passage show that GMO labeling will actually benefit farmers” (Huff)., proving anti-GMO supporters …show more content…
Having labeled GMO products will increase the health benefits of the economy, since it is still unknown exactly how these genetically modified products act on humans, though with the information contained from experimental animals it is true that these genetically modified foods have a negative affect in a human body. A rise in price would particularly not be considered, for there would still be a few people within the economy that have little facts about what genetically modified foods actually are or certain people would just not consider genetically modified foods as harmful that both organic and GMO foods would still be bought equally. Though with the large amounts of negative affects on the environment due to toxin obstructions on GMO foods, this should be avoided due to its harm and cause of endangered species. GMO plants have been altered in the cycles they generally proceed through that it has caused nectars, water sources, and air to become problems within our

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