Essay on The Movie Industry vs Technology

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The Movie Industry vs Technology

The Internet and the roles it plays in society

Since its conception, the Internet has been a huge market for life uses. It provides some of the greatest resources to educate people around the world such as search engines, databases, and an almost endless expanse for innovation. Being a conglomeration of countless numbers of computers allow users to interconnect with each other, making computers a prominent part of people’s lives. Aside from the home uses, businesses have capitalized on it as well. The Internet is essentially a medium through which mass distribution of information and goods can be disseminated. However, “the Net is no longer just a publishing or an entertainment or a
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Despite its illegality, Napster’s membership grew about a million users per day. Another industry at stake is the movie industry. Pirated movies are abundant on college campuses, and on peer-to-peer programs, but is it that much of an immediate threat for the movie industry to be as aggressive as it was in the Napster case? As prominent as movie piracy is, it is not. The Internet is a mass distribution medium as seen in the case of a Norwegian programmer who’s technological innovation posed a threat to the industry, the ability of downloading movies themselves is stifled due to lack of broadband access as is seen in the example of websites and peer-to-peer programs that offer movies.

DeCSS, a symbol of innovation that needs to be stifled?

Intelligence and ingenuity have been the driving force behind the technological progress that have pushed innovations onward. However, where does intelligence and ingenuity cross the line into the profits of industry? This is evident in the case against Jon Johansen, a 15 year Norwegian computer programmer.

On January 23, 2000, two officers from OKOKRIM, Norway’s economic-crime investigation unit, and one local policeman confiscated two computers, data CDs, and a cell phone from a 16 year old’s house in Steinsholt. This 16 year old was Jon Johansen. In the few weeks before this warranted search, the DVD Copy Control Association has sent multiple “take-down notices” to

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