Essay about The Italian Social Structure's Role in Creating Culture

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The Italian Social Structure's Role in Creating Culture Anthropologists and other social scientists define human culture as learned behavior acquired by individuals as members of a social group. The concept of culture was first explicitly defined in 1871 by the British anthropologist Edward B. Tylor. He used the term to refer to " that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society." Since then anthropologists have offered numerous refinements and variations on this definition, but all have agreed that culture is learned behavior in contrast to genetically endowed behavior.
From antiquity
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The father was the interpreter of all needs and interests and maintained his authority with strict discipline. The mother, although subordinate, had a voice in family decisions and meditated between the father and often numerous children. Here in the United States the Italian- Americans still have that strong sense of family, but now the women have more freedom and are looked at differently, and also the number of children one family acquires has gradually lessened to 2 to 3 children. Home cooking is something Italians are especially noted for. The main meal, usually at midday, often begins with soup which may contain rice, pasta, or greens; followed by meat(chicken, veal , beef). A frequent constituent of the diet is pasta, or in the poorer homes of south polenta ( a sort of porridge made from maize). Although many Italians dishes later became American favorites, at the turn of the century Italians who insisted on eating macaroni and drinking wine were regarded as not yet American. Their traditional kitchen withstood Americanization, however, and the production of or import from Italy of olive oil, spaghetti, artichokes and salami provided an important part of the neighborhood economy. But in America the custom of eating for Italians is changed a bit. Here, we seem to have more abundance of food. We keep the same tradition of eating on

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