Essay on The Importance of Voting in America

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Many people think of the 206 million eligible voters in the United States and think, “How could one vote possibly make a difference?” Or perhaps some find themselves too busy, while other non-voters are simply uninterested in politics. With a combination of all excuses, about 75 million people that were eligible to vote in the 2008 presidential election chose not to. That’s 75 million unheard voices! 75 million unrepresented individuals make up approximately 36% of all eligible voters. That number of people could easily change the outcome of an election. When put in perspective and fully understood, it’s realized just how important it is for every eligible voter to vote, and do so responsibly. The significance of voting is commonly …show more content…
A third of the people are not being represented or heard. Many call voting a "sacred right," and it is one of the most important parts of our political system, a part that goes back to our earliest days as a nation (Rich). Although it’s a choice to vote, the right to choose came from the same brave men that fought for the right to be heard. Many men fought for the rights and freedoms this country has today, many of whom did not come home to enjoy them, and knew they would not. They sacrificed, took risks, and created a nation with the ability to grow and improve itself according to the needs and will of the people (Jones). They were not just fighting for themselves; they were fighting for their families and for this country as a whole. The people’s vote indirectly makes every decision this country makes through elected leaders. Who made the decision to drop the atomic bomb and end the war with Japan? Well, president Truman, but the voting citizens put Truman in that position to do so through election. What if Thomas Dewey was elected? Would he have dropped the bomb? Where would the U.S. be today? No one truly knows, but it’s clear how votes form this country and how vital they are. “As Americans, it is our duty to keep up on what is happening politically, that we should arrive at an informed, logical position about what political ideas we support, and

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