The Functions of Management Essay

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The Functions of Management
Most companies hire and depend on management for many operations. Operations such as creating business opportunities for the company to grow, delegate responsibilities, and lead internal functions with staff employees. There are normally three types of managers, Frontline managers, Mid-Level managers, and Top Level managers. Top-level managers are high ranking managers, with titles like CEO and can also be known as strategic managers. The Mid-level managers are tactical managers, which receive their orders from Top-level managers. Frontline managers are also known as operational managers and often occupy supervisory positions within an organization. Management traditionally operates under fundamentals
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8. Based on the strategy, determine the action plan that has to be implemented.

9. Your action plan will determine the resources required - manpower
-materials etc 10. Finally a system to monitor the plan/its progress.
Lingham concludes the reason why he believes planning is the primary functions of the four functions by stating: without planning

-you cannot organize

-without organization , you cannot direct

-without direction, you cannot control.

-without control , you cannot get results.

Jeff Swatz is the CEO of Prologis and oversees my department in accounting. On a quarterly basis we meet to review our current status in productivity and plan for the future. The planning process is a useful process because it allows our CEO to measure our success and set future goals. Organizing is the function needed to gather employees and resources to work towards set goals and objectives. This process entails creating the tasks that are needed to reach the set goals, delegating the responsibility of each task to specific departments & job titles, and delegating authority to lead the task. This function also is responsible for providing resources needed to accomplish the set goals. Normally managers can create an organizational design to assist in delegating responsibilities and creating structure. This function is identified in my

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