The Failure of Vertical Health Programing Essay example

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A vertical public health program is a public health strategy where the majority of a health organization’s resources and expenses are concentrated to addressing one pressing health issue. Vertical public health programs generally foster the initiative to eradicate epidemic or pandemic disease. Understanding how a vertical programming is applied will allow public health practitioners to tailor health programs and initiatives to populations more efficiently and effectively. Advantages of vertical programming include harboring and dealing with singular goals as well as obtaining easily measurable progress towards the overall operation. Because of this, as well as the effective end result of vertical programing in achieving its
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For example, from 1924 to 1933, Dr. John Hydrick, head hygiene field officer for the Rockefeller foundation, was able to mandate an area of central Java as his “demonstration” area for the hygiene campaign. As a result, 60 villages within this area were used as health models for inspection by Dutch bureaucrats, foreign health administrators, indigenous health care workers, and indigenous medical students (Stein, 547). In turn, the involvement of these professionals led to the neglect of their very own primary care practices. Vertical programming therefore creates a voluntary “shock” of treatment resources which might aid the program in eradicating a disease, but dishearteningly furthers the progression of other illness through the lack of other medical engagements by local health officials. Implementing a vertical program is often risky because of the social and financial consequences when focusing on only one health issue. For indigenous populations, partaking in a vertical program such as the hookworm initiative displaces health care workers from primary health care towards the initiative at hand. As a result, local health centers are vulnerable because they feel threatened and disrespected by global initiatives encroachment within their vicinity (Stein, 546). This is exacerbated when vertical programing, though intending to be brief, ends up several years over the planned time frame. Though a strength of vertical programming is that it is often very

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