The Effectiveness of Satirical Pieces as Displayed in Brady's "Why I Want a Wife" and Baker's "School vs. Education"

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“Why I Want a Wife” by Judy Brady and “School vs. Education” by Russell Baker are two satirical pieces that criticize two different fields of society and yet manages to present a robust grounds for argument. Brady, an active member of women’s movement and a writer of mostly feminism articles wrote “Why I Want a Wife”, an essay where she humorously writes down a lists of why she wants a wife but embeds the unsolicited role of women in the society. On the other hand, Baker, a Pulitzer Prize winner and author wrote “School vs. Education”, a newspaper column that observes the American educational system and how individuals knowledge is formed and whether the individuals educational foundation is acquired through an institution or just right …show more content…
In addition, she is aware of what she wants in her wife when it comes to her sexual gratification and her alone, “a wife that makes loves passionately and understands that sexual needs may entail more than strict adherence to monogamy.” (Brady,63). But Brady’s claim that she wants the liberty of replacing her present wife with another one is by far the most repugnant of all because it implies the idea that women are disposable like dishrags, no value or respect at all. All in all, Judy Brady panned in the domestic arena particularly the unsolicited roles of women with humor but implicitly sent the message that women are badly mistreated and deserves more than what they should have. Generally in people’s mind, school is the place where an individual gains the knowledge and learning he or she uses to have a success in life. Russell Baker sees it somewhat differently. Upon observation of the American educational system and lifestyle intertwined, he wrote “School vs. Education” expressing his displeasure. According to Baker, at the age of six, a child already has the tendencies to commit unlawful acts such as elaborate bank holdups and even killing people using sophisticated weapons just by watching the television. And not to mention, the acts the child sees from watching his or her own parents, from smoking to alcohol

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