The Dialectical Model in Comparative Perspective Essay

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Mankind has not always isolated itself from nature. For the majority of his history, man recognized a need for a dependent and intimate relationship with nature. Nature was his provider and caretaker, a benevolent nurturer intending no harm, a model now known as organic. As the human mind began to increasingly fashion matter to fit its purpose, however, technological innovation began to supplant nature as manís perceived source of sustenance. Thus technology began its ongoing ascent, becoming a means to subdue a primitive nature and raise man above his lowly origins. In short, a new hierarchical model of nature coalesced. Nevertheless, this relatively new paradigm could not entirely displace its predecessor, which evolved into an impotent …show more content…
The roots of pastoralism can conceivably be traced back as far as manís search for paradise in nature, a concept that has persisted since man first consciously valued nature in terms of his own survival (Nash 8). This tendency plants a seed of discontent in the human mind towards civilization and its artificial impositions on daily life. As Ralph Waldo Emerson commented, man is repelled by ìthe poorness of our invention, the ugliness of towns and palacesî (422). People often find the human influence to be a corrupting and impure defilement of nature, a realm from which escape occasionally becomes necessary. Thus, when placed in the appropriate context, advertisements can tap a wealth of positive sentiment and unconscious nostalgia by associating products with this pastoral model of nature.

One such attempt is embodied in an advertisement for Marlboro Lights cigarettes. This two-page spread features a range of snow-capped mountains against a cloud-free blue sky, laced with rows of trees receding so far into the distance that individual texture declines into a single adorning mat of green. The only trace of humanity is a solitary man on horseback inconspicuously plodding through a blanket of clean white snow in the lower-right corner. The human presence is marginalized with no vestiges of technology or civilization to be found. Due to clever

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