The Common Core Policy Essay example

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The Common Core might or might not succeed to the expectations that the creators envision it to be. Even though the creators behind he Common Core have good intentions and have done a lot of research there isn’t a program that can fix it all (1). The Common Core program states that they have a solution for any kind of problem (2). The Common Core standards are so long any teacher can use them with any kind of situation. Once the teachers all learn the system they can all work with each other and find the best possible solution. If the Common Core is going to be used in all the schools how will the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act play a role in the schooling system? With all the changes the Common Core will bring how will this affect our …show more content…
A concept that they are using is rhetorical reading. Rhetorical reading is a helpful tool used to read a piece of text that is unfamiliar to you and be able to use textual clues to understand what it is your reading (Warren, James 391-399).
The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act has failed to deliver what is has promised to do which is to provide all children no matter where they’re from a quality education (Spelling). There are three main factors that contributed to NCLB failing. First, the yearly progress reports provide little information if any at all. Secondly, the tests they use are unreliable because they aren’t testing the students on what needs to be tested. Lastly, the curriculum has been narrowed and is making it harder for teachers to help their students (Hursh). NCLB hasn’t lived up to its expectations and ten years of hard work was put into creating this program. Ten years was put into creating the NCLB and it hasn’t lived up to its expectations. The Common Core has only been in existence for five years and it is expected to be fully introduced to all schools by 2015 (Pullmann). Most people working closely with the Common Core say it won’t produce what it states it will which is to produce a system that will measure the student’s performance (Thatcher).
One of the best promises the Common Core has made is that they have a solution for every type of situation in

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