Essay about The Benefits Of Online Classes

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Breaking news just in, it has been confirmed that “in support of creating standards for online learning, the U.S. Department of Education [will be] providing 1.8 million dollars to the National Center for Accessible Media” (Bricout 4). This seems to be an appropriate announcement that could have been made on any news channel back in 2001. As most do not realize, the internet and education have been linked together extensively for a period of time. In fact, online classes have already assumed a role in college bound student’s lives. The question is whether professors and universities are willing to take the extra step in making the internet the primary source of communication for the classes they teach. This piece will provide …show more content…
It seems that because one is required to write down his or her thoughts at all times and knowing that potentially a whole class will be reading it “results in a deeper level of discourse” (3). Also, due to this high level of thinking, most students are more willing to challenge the ideas of others, even the professor (3). Students feel freer to do this because, again, their identity is somewhat unknown and the professor tends to join in on discussions at the student’s level. Since the professor possesses less authority by interacting on the same wavelength, students begin building confidence in their work. They are aware that the grades given and the comments made by a professor are strictly based on their work and are kept confidential. In the online community there is no bias based on appearance or behavior, there are only common grounds of knowledge. Due to the common ground of knowledge, students are able to work at their own pace and do not have to wait for others to comprehend the material. This allows for more participation because students can log on and do their work according to their schedule and liking. Since students can work at their own pace, they can also pick and choose what information they need according to their own individual needs (Wade 2). The students and instructors are then forced to analyze material differently (3). Often times an instructor will analyze the work of students as well because he or she needs to become familiar

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