Persuasive Essay On Online Education

Today older students are going back to school and instead of going on the traditional route now students are getting their education on line. Online education is defined as: a way to learn from a distance using online college courses. (Online Education) The journey of online education started in early nineteen eighties and educators were attempting to establish ways to offer online courses. Things finally came together and once they worked out the kinks online education became very popular and for most students a success. Today online education has played a huge role in the way students learn. Allowing students to learn on their time, along with some challenges students may have to overcome in taking an online course, and lastly the concerns and or criticisms students will face in utilizing on line learning as a way to earn their degree. A benefit that comes from making the decision to take an online course is the flexibility for learning. Now a days older people are coming back to school and these people have jobs and families. On line education gives these people in particular the chance to learn on their time and still be successful. Another benefit of on line learning is that on line education is cost effective. Meaning that students …show more content…
A main concern that mainly teachers have about online education is, the need for teachers. This is a fear teachers have because there is never an end to learning and it is a concern for teachers because they still have the ability to teach. Even if it is from a distance somewhere a student is learning and it is thanks to online education. Another concern about online education is the quality of the education. This impacts the students because in taking an online course the quality of the education is a risk. This is a concern because universities want to make sure that each student is getting their moneys worth. ( The Changing Nature of

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