Essay on The Benefits of Concealed Carry in the United States

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Gun control is a major topic of debate in America today, and has been ever since the 2nd Amendment was ratified. It is a topic that could affect the Americas who already own firearms. Using the data gathered from a multitude of sources, ranging from NRA data bases to opposing views on this topic, the average citizen may form a new frame of reference concerning this topic. This argumentative research paper shall more specifically focus on the subject of conceal carry in the United States today and the questions surrounding it: What a conceal carry permit is, the controversy surrounding such laws, how one obtains a conceal-carry permit – including classes and other instructional course as well as who should be allowed to apply for one – , …show more content…
But the root of modern conceal-carry laws can be found before the Brady Handgun Prevention Act of 1993 when Florida passed the Shall Issue Legislation in 1987 marking the beginning of a shift away from the suffocating gun control legislation that limited the rights of law abiding citizens. According to data collected by Steven Kranz in his “Survey on Conceal Carry Statutes”, The first real emergence of conceal carry laws took place in Florida in about 1987; this was mainly due to the increased violence caused by the rising gang violence in the 1980s. (Kranz) Within the next ten years twenty one states had also adopted similar conceal carry laws and another six in the time span between 2001 and 2005, the latter group including Ohio. So as one can now see the concept of conceal carry is quite new and is just now proving itself in today’s society. A conceal-carry license allows an average citizen who has completed a series of training courses and background checks to lawfully carry a concealed handgun – for his/her own protection – in public areas that do not prohibit firearms. As one could expect, this privilege is a serious one as well as a worrying one for those who do not fully understand the process one has to go through in order to receive a “shall issue” permit. The potential applicant must first be at least twenty one years of

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