The Bedroom By Vincent Van Gogh Essay

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This painting by Vincent Van Gogh is on display at the Art Institute of Chicago Museum, in the Impressionism exhibit. There are many things going on in this painting that catch the viewer’s eye. The first is the piece’s vibrant colors, light blues and browns, bright greens, and more. The brush strokes that are very visible and can easily be identified as very thick some might even say bold. The furniture, the objects, and the setting are easy to identify and are proportioned to each other. There is so much to see in this piece to attempt to explain in only a few simple sentences. As previously pointed out the piece is full of many vibrant colors, like the floors a dull, muted yet dark brown that is accented with the pale almost teal …show more content…
This painting is more than just a collective of colors, of course, this piece also has a lot of thick brush strokes. There are several areas throughout the piece that show the obvious signs of brush strokes. The bed frame for example shows both vertical and curved brush strokes, the curved stokes are what give us the shape and the vertical strokes show the different planks of wood used to make the bed frame. The brush strokes are more obvious when looking at the floorboards, the brush strokes come straight toward the viewer, the accented green on the floorboards show even more brush stokes since it basically sweeps over them.
Between brush strokes and colorful paint what you get is the basic building blocks of creating any type of painting. These are not the only aspects of paintings, especially not in this painting,; in this one specifically the viewer sees the inside of a bedroom. The walls in this bedroom are all a shade of light blue with the occasional white wisps, and again the floor is the dull dark brown with the green accents. Looking at this piece from right to left the first thing one can see on the right is part of a blue door, the one that has the brownish grey blotches on it. Immediately following the door is the bed, which is fairly simple, it has a bed frame made of wood, two small pillows white fluffy pillows, and a red blanket that is tucked into the mattress.
On the wall

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