The Articles of Confederation vs. The United States Constitution

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The ratification of the Constitution was vital to the continuance of our country because of its advantages over the Articles of Confederation whose limited successes were faulty and less complete than the constitution that we know today. One of the most important documents in our country had a predecessor that was, at the time, fairly effective in governing the new country. However, I believe that the constitution we have today far outweighs the Articles of Confederation and that it was the perfect decision for our country to ratify it when they did. It was the right move for our country at the time and it has not proven to be overly faulty or unjust in the two centuries it has been in effect. But why were the Articles of Confederation …show more content…
Another huge problem was that there was no national standing army in the United States. Without a standing national army, the United States would be in crisis if Great Britain decided it wanted revenge on the revolutionaries. What were the States supposed to do? Defend themselves against an entire country again? Impossible! If North Carolina got attacked then no one would have to, or even be able to come to it’s aid until too late. France couldn’t be relied on for protection because of the massive debt that the United States owed to the French. This only further proves the failures of The Articles of Confederation in their endeavor to lead a country forward and falling several feet short of their mark. The Articles of Confederation were passable as legislature at the time. Yet they never could’ve carried the United States through the ages as a leading international power that it is today. However flawed the Articles of Confederation may be, they definitely had their upsides and addressed many significant problems in the country. Patrick Henry’s argument for upholding the Articles of Confederation was that they had guided the United States through one of the larger revolutions in history and given the United States a larger segment of land than any British ruler had ever possessed. Another enormous event that under the Articles of Confederation was the signing and adoption of the Northwest

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