The Adventures of the Warrior Maximus Essay examples

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"Die, you evil thing, die," exclaimed Maximus as he swung his agile sword at the mutated spider. The spider quickly jumped back, and leaped into the trees. Maximus looked up, searching for the camouflaged spider. Suddenly, a white web engulfed the great warrior, rendering him helpless. The spider fell from the trees and slowly approached its weary prey. Maximus did not panic, and took out his pocket-blade, and released himself from the sticky prison. He swiped his sword up on the ground near him, severed three of the spider's legs. The spider screeched in anguish, and stumbled away. But the spider was to slow and Maximus came up behind the helpless creature, and thrusted his sword through the …show more content…
"Help us, help us," echoed the cries of men, women, and children. Maximus called upon the dragon, "What an ugly lizard. Awake so that I may kill you fairly." The dragon opened his blood red eyes to see this suspicious human.

"You wish to challenge me, I'm undefeatable. You have no chance. Your very lucky I have just recently eaten. Now be gone, before I decide to have you for dessert," exclaimed the dragon in an evil, slithering voice.

"What is this? The mighty dragon is too frightened to fight. I never knew dragons were frightened of anything," taunted Maximus while circling the dragon.

"Human, I have never seen someone so eager to die! You will have your wish. Now how would you like to die, shall I burn you to death, or eat you in one bite," angrily proclaimed the dragon as it arose and took a hunting position. "Well, I doubt you may even be able to catch me," and with that, the dragon lunged at Maximus who jumped into the dragon's mouth.

"Now to rescue those people," exclaimed Maximus to himself as he walked towards the nearby sounds.

"It is Maximus the great," exclaimed a boy pointing in the distance. Everyone began to cheer as the warrior presented himself. But the warrior was concerned mostly with the welfare of his family.

"Does anyone know where my family is," asked Maximus.

"Well," exclaimed one elderly man, "I

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