Technology in Today’s World: Online Communication Essay

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Technology in Today’s World Online communication has impacted human relationships in a quite remarkable way. Anybody with internet access can have a conversation with other people regardless the physical distance and even the language barrier. In most societies, people express their opinions online about social, political or artistic events. However, as it happens with other human activities, online communication has a paradoxical nature. Although contrived to enhance and facilitate contacts, it has turned out to be counterproductive in some aspects. Many parents feel their kids are detached from everyday family life while the same children find difficult to establish real connections with their peers due to the elusiveness of online …show more content…
Face-to-face communication is essential for all type of human relationships. Moreover, facing real life facts as an adult after too much exposure to online interaction during adolescence years might be hard for some teenagers who do not have social interpersonal skills. Another important issue to point out is that children and adolescents might not be aware about all that the real world can offer them. Although the modern gadgets may make people feel in touch all the time, they also can make them feel alone because of the lack of physical approach. The technological environment is not even safe for children and adolescents not only because is an uncontrolled source of information but also because cyber bullying, harassing or threatening someone through the use of technology, has become widespread. Festl, Ruth, and Thorsten Quandt maintain that “with social networking, mobile media and open distribution platforms, offenders have a wide array of damaging tools at their disposal” (1-33). The educational field has also been beneficiated with technology and all of the advances that we have experiences in the last years. Nowadays, it is possible for students not only to find information online to enhance the classroom experience, but also they can have a class completely online; through a computer. This is a great opportunity for thousands of student who cannot attend school for innumerable reasons. However, with this new

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