Technical Education to Career Opportunities Essay

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Technical education is not the same today it was years ago, “in the past vocational education was frequently seen as a placement for the students who could not make the grade in academic courses,”(1) or vocational education was thought only to be for students that are not going to college, possible dropouts, or students that have special needs. Today, this negative opinion is starting to change. Among high school students, nearly all will take some vocational courses, “80 percent take at least one occupationally specific vocational course, and one in eight academic students actually take more vocational courses than vocational students do.”(3) On the job training and the vocational education system in America started as far back as …show more content…
During an address to congress in 1907, “President Theodore Roosevelt urged major school reform that would provide industrial education in urban centers and agriculture education in rural areas.”(2) In 1910, the American Federation of Labor and the National Association of Manufacturers' formed a union to support federal funding for vocational education; in 1914, the two pressured Congress to have President Woodrow Wilson prepare a study to see if federal help to vocational education was necessary. The study concluded that vocational education was important to assist non academic students to get a job after completing high school and that vocational training and educational was needed in public schools. In 1917, the historical Smith-Hughes Act was created; a bill that gave Federal support to vocational education. “The act called for specific skill training, focused on entry-level skills, and helped establish separate state boards for vocational education.”(2) Forty six years later came the 1963 Vocational Education Act replaced the Smith-Hughes Act; (8) the bill increased funding and extended the programs and the quality of training and included education for troubled and disabled students. By 1968, there was an amendment to the 1963 Vocational Education Act, which focused on specific funding for students with special needs. (8) By 1976, more amendment were added, the purpose was to do away with sex discrimination issues, develop improve new programs, and every five

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