Teaching Vision Statement Essay

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Teaching has changed from when my grandmother was a teacher in the seventies. The subject matter to teach to students, teaching style, discipline, even how to talk to students has changed. The only thing that has stayed the same is the feelings about teaching. The ones where the teachers care about the students, the teachers will do anything in their power to see a failing student succeed. It is this care, this need to help students that have gotten teachers throgh the lean times in the schools right now where there are cut backs seen in every section of the school. Teachers are also put in the position to where they need to teach morals and ethics to a rising group of children that are missing out on these dimensions of personality …show more content…
The elective teachers who only see the students for 35-40 minutes a day now have about 10 of those minutes taken out to write the vocabulary words, which are supposed to be on separate index cards. The index cards that are supposedly required are not supplied by the administration, nor do the students supply them either. So this is money coming out of the teacher’s pocket. Many of the teacher’s have already made up lesson plans and now have to go back and add the extra requirement of an extra paper. For many of the teachers this is an easy fix, many only see the students one time a day. For many of the elective teachers they may see the student twice a day and to have them do the same assignment would be pointless. Making up six or seven different lesson plans just to integrate one assignment is incredibly time consuming. (Schoen, 2013) The ideas that are suggested to be implemented by the administration are in theory great idea’s, it is the application that needs help. Common Core is now being implemented and requiring standardized testing done completely on computers. The requiring that each student take the test on a computer at the same time in theory again is a great idea; many schools now have computers and great connections to the internet. Although many of those schools who have the computers and internet connections are suburban or located in middle to upper-class socioeconomic area. This leaves behind the rural or poor schools that

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