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Introduction What is teaching? What do we mean by quality education? What is the best way to motivate a child to reach their full potential? These are some of the questions that the effective teacher may ask themselves. In fact, much of the role of the modern teacher can be defined in the statement; Teaching – reflections, questions, decisions. These aspects are interwoven and iterative. Teachers need to reflect upon various policies, concepts and strategies. They need to ask the right

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(Preston, 1993) This gives rise to more reflections, questions and decisions for the teacher.

A code of ethics can be used as reference point. However, determining the correct course of action is not always clear-cut. Here is an example of a trainee teacher who vowed never to touch or hug a child. This was until he heard about the plight of the child who had been abandoned and was lacking in any physical contact with an adult. (Groundwater-Smith et al, 2007) He chose to nurture that child, displaying his sense of compassion above all. This illustrates that personal professionalism is tantamount to the teaching profession too.

The Teaching Role and Teaching Strategies
Therefore, it would seem that professionalism and ethics play a key role in defining attributes of quality teaching. In fact, this is part of the complexity of the teaching role. Effective teaching practices require the teacher to be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. The teacher should also be aware of the student (Harden and Crosby, 2000) and the learning environment. (Killen, 2005)

Firstly, the teacher should be aware of her own personal attributes and qualities. (Whitton et al., 2004) There are several qualities that the effective teacher should strive towards. These include traits such as enthusiasm, patience, organisation, confidence and commitment. (Killen, 2005) The professional teacher needs to develop
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