System Development Life Cycle Essay

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Information technology has been fast growing and becoming vital issue in daily lives. It is applied in almost every field in order to make the processes easier and simpler. Lots of software available for the user to install on the computer to perform a specific task such as play game, create document and watch movie. In last few decades, only one programmer was needed in software development process to write code for solving a problem. However, the system is becoming complex today as it has involved programmers, software engineers, system analysts and users to work together to generate millions lines of codes. Systems development life cycle (SDLC) has been created to manage this problem. SDLC is the most popular methodology used by …show more content…
System analyst records the needs and a schedule for building new system to the information system department. An organization identifies whether resources should be committed to the development or enhanced the information system during system planning phase. The first step in this phase is called project initiation which determines the impact of economic and organizational to the system (Alan Dennis et al., 2000). In this project initiation step, feasibility analysis is conducted. Second activity in planning phase is to examine the system and decide the proposed system’s scope. System analysts then come out with a specific plan for other team members to follow. The plan is consider how to lower the cost and increase profits of organization by that system. Project leader and other team members have a final presentation of the plan to the organization’s management.
The second step in system development life cycle is system analysis. The system analysis phase consists several parts. The first part is determining the requirement of the system and the second part is structuring the system requirement. During the requirements determination stage, the procedures and the information of the organization are collected by system analyst from different sources. It is a major part of systems analysis. Valacich et al. (2012) stated that “this subspahse involves a careful study of any current

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