Stylization of Film and the Enhancement of Narrative through Cinematography, Mise-en-Scene and Editing

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The juxtaposition of still frames edited together to make a moving picture that tells a story. There are many counterparts that a makes up a film. You have the storyline, plot, characters, mise-en-scene cinematography and editing. Based on these counterparts and how they are orchestrated to portray a story, gives insight in which the audience follows along with the story and whether each counterparts contribute in a significant way to a plot to make the film a whole. How does editing contribute to the narration to a film? How does cinematography, the way the camera moves and mise-en-scene, what lies in the shot, contributes to the narration to make the film as a whole?
The film narrative is putting everything together, sound, actors,
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Editing helps heighten anxiety by juxtapositioning scenes that would help build the films climax by taking out unnecessary takes and fitting in sequence of conversation to offer a comic relief and suspense. In Inception, the editing aspect does help with the narrative. This film is very dependent on editing considering that they computer generated imagery to construct some of the scenes, like the scene at the bistro and where Ariadne turned a building upside down on another. The editing contributes vastly to the narrative considering the film is based on dreams and within dreams anything can happen.
Each different level of the dream had a different mise-en-scene, it seemed realistic. Like for instance one of the first scene, the it graphic relation from Dom talking to an old Saito to when Dom was speaking to Saito with Arthur there giving him moral support, it wouldn’t have been realized that they were in a dream until it were stated or the fact that the outside world or the world above the dream, if they are in different level, has something that would affect it. There was a recurring motif a song … which was used to signal that it was almost time to complete the extraction in the dream. There was also the totem which is a symbol when in a dream it acts a certain way to distinguish dream from reality. In this case, the spinning top, it continuously spun in the dream state.
The set was of a geometrical

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