Spirituality in Nursing Essay

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Throughout the healthcare field there is so much diversity in each client, which can be attributed to different backgrounds and spirituality of the patient. Spirituality in nursing is significant because many clients based their healthcare views off of spirituality and to provide them with the best care as possible. Spirituality and religion have different denotations and personal meanings to an individual person. The connotation of spirituality is a personal faith that is based off of one’s experiences and own beliefs. According to Jarvis (2012), “religion is the belief in a diving or superhuman power… to be obeyed and worshiped as the creator(s) and ruler(s) of the universe (p. 15). Personally, my view of spirituality coincides with …show more content…
b. How does spirituality relate to the patient’s physical assessment?
The spirituality relates to the physical assessment in

I do not think that the client’s care and plan will be extremely affected due to her spirituality. Since she believes in rest and care, she will be in accordance to the nurse’s plan of care. A nurse tries to provide the best plan of care for the client and her beliefs do

The nursing concern that may impact the client is the client fasting when ill. Since M.M. has a fasting every Tuesday, in order to listen to God
Teaching Plan
A teaching plan must be implemented for a client according to their specific spirituality and beliefs. The client believes that, according to the bible, her body is the only physical thing she has to offer to God, therefore she must take care of her body holistically. I would recommend the client to exercise, maintain a balanced diet, and to attend regular wellness checkups. Exercising at least 150 of moderate activity can help control weight, reduce risk of heart disease, and strengthen bones and muscles (Mayo Clinic, 2011). Next, I would suggest a balanced diet, which includes calcium-rich foods, varying fruits and vegetables, and making at least half of grains whole grain (USDA, 2012). These are a few diet tips that are only a starting point to moving towards a healthier life style. The client may take part of a fasting every once in a while, as part of her

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