Essay on Sharp Notes Orchestrate Sharp Minds

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Stop reading this paper and listen. Background noises, sounds, and silences flood the ear. All of these noises picked up subconsciously, are music. Music soothes the soul and recharges the brain. Training the mind and body in the ways of fine arts actually spikes cognitive brain development after time. This growth is heightened in the adolescence stage of a person’s life. Thus, teaching kids fine arts will help them blossom into fine young men and women. Although support of the arts department seems frivolous and irrelevant to an education, children should be taught music lessons at a young age in order to augment cognitive brain development, improve memory, and spark creativity. The main method of getting music classes to kids is …show more content…
It is told that music holds no correlation to cerebellum growth, simply because it cannot be proved 100% as fact. Alexandra Sifferlin repeats in her article “Do, Re, Mi, Fa-Get The Piano Lessons: Music May Not Make You Smarter,” that music has no enhancing powers to test scores. Harvard College recently orchestrated an examination to back up her beliefs. Their experiments concluded that there was no link between students boosting test scores due to taking music lessons. The researchers still encourage lessons, on the chance that they could return smarter kids, not because they will (1). Even scholars at Harvard are hinting that music improves brain functions, they just can’t prove it. Since everyone’s brain grows and blooms at different rates, there is no constant “human” that scientists can experiment with. Subsequently, research can be conflicting. Nicholas Bakalar ran an analysis and derived that between 23 musicians and 22 non musicians, no significant increase in cognitive abilities can be noted (1). Bakalar as well as many other hardened analysts won’t positively confirm an interaction, but they still promote music. Samuel A. Mehr, doctoral candidate at The Harvard School of Education, expressed that “we should be very cautious in making positive claims about cognitive benefits of music lessons. We should teach

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