Essay Rio Tinto's Business Strategy and SWOT Analysis

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Background on RIO TINTO
Rio Tinto is a global mining and metal company. Their focus is on the finding, mining and the processing of the Earth’s minerals resources to maximise the value of their shareholders (customers).
Rio Tinto has the people, the capabilities and the resources to apply a world’s hunger for minerals and metals that are used in the everyday life, in the diverse of products – for the mobile phones to cars.
Rio Tinto’s global footprint is that there are working 66,000 people for Rio Tinto in more than 40 countries across six continents in the world , including their businesses in countries like Asia, Europe, Africa and Southern America. Rio Tinto is strongly represented in Australia and Northern America.
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Rio Tinto is representing at every point of the developing cycle, the iron ore that is building the fundamentals infrastructure, and more, the reliance of the supplying of metal and minerals that Rio Tinto is producing.
Since 1874 when Rio Tinto has started they have been unlocking the Earth’s wealth in mineral resources. Rio Tinto is generating their value for their stakeholders (customers) in the process in line with their business strategy. The ability for Rio Tinto to deliver exceptional returns over the time being, Rio Tinto is taking a long term activities and is responsible to the approach of the long term activities. This means that Rio Tinto is concentrating on the development of first –class orebodies into the long life of expandability and low cost operations since they started 140 years ago. ,Rio Tinto is capable of over handing competitive return through the business cycle.
The successfulness of Rio Tinto’s business is depended by their world class assets , and their outstanding people and the integrity in the way Rio Tinto is do business with their stakeholders (customers). RIO TINTO’S STRATEGIC BUSINESS UNIT
What is SBU ?
SBU stands for Strategic Business Units (SBU).As defined by Knowledge Brief that a strategic business unit is an isolated specialised subsystem

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