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Research Paper

In a child’s life there are many things that can effect school achievement. One of the most common talked about things is parental involvement. However, something that might be just as important is the income of a child’s family. There are several reasons why income is important. Higher income families usually live in better neighborhoods which means better schools. An higher income can also mean more educational programs available to a child, and the ability to choice a school. These are some factors on why family income is important in school achievement.

A family that has a high-income will usually live in a better neighborhood then a family with a low-income. A lot of times the better the neighborhood the
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This extended participation lead to higher reading achievement, fewer children being left back, and fewer kids being placed in special education classes (1998). This study showed that programs like this are crucial in low-income neighborhoods. Without these programs the students wouldn’t be doing as well in school. They need the extra attention and work because the school system they belong to is not teaching the students what they need to know to be good students.

Shumow, Vandell, and Kang (1996) looked at a group of Urban, low-income children. This was a study that looked at the effect that “school-choice” has on achievement. This study questioned whether or not income was related to the use of school-choice. In addition to this, it looked to see if school-choice was influenced by characteristics of the family. While upper and middle class families may be able to afford sending their kids to private schools funded by tuition, low-income families are unable to do so.
There are several reasons why school choice may be related to academic achievement. For one, families are able to avoid school that may be seen as being “low quality.” Second parents are able to pick schools with characteristics that match individual needs of the child. Last but not least, parent involvement may increase if the parent is to select a particular school.

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