Relationship Between Ecstasy and Memory in the Human Body Essay

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Relationship Between Ecstasy and Memory in the Human Body

Rationale and Variables: The Experiment that was conducted in class determined the affects of 'ecstasy' or MDMA on the participants' memory. In addition to testing for their ability to recall information it also looked at the number of false memory that were related to the actual word "slow" in the class study. In the experiment Dr. Earleywine used a list of words that were to be memorized, and recall in a given time. This study is related to another experiment conducted by A.C Parrott and J. Lasky. In their study they looked at the effects of "ecstasy" or MDMA on mood and cognition. They tested three groups: non- MDMA, novice-MDMA users, and regular MDMA users. They used
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The participants included 145 women and 92 men. The ethnicity background included Caucasian, African/Caribbean, Asian/Pacific Islander, Latino, Native American, and others, which were not specified. The age of the participants averaged 19.578 years. The procedure of experiment started when Dr. Earleywine distributed the surveys to the participants. In the survey, questions regarding ecstasy and other drugs were asked. The participants were asked to put a check next to statements that were true to them. In the statement the participants were asked if they used MDMA in there life time or if they have never used it. They were also asked their race, age, sex and year in school. When the participants completed the questioner, Dr. Earleywine read a list of 16 words, pausing a few seconds between each word. When he was done reading the list, there was a 30-seconds period of silence in the lecture room. After the 30-secondes, the participants were asked to recall words that they believed were read and to write them on the back of one of the surveys.
Results: The study that was conducted produced results that were not very significant to our predicament. We predicted that the data we would receive would back up the two studies that were conducted, and would also be strong enough to make a statement of it's own. But our prediction was far form backing up the two articles that we read. It was stated that 63.7% never used MDMA and 36.3% used MDMA in their

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