Reflection Manuscript: Sister Callista Roy's Adaptation Model

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Introduction Being provided with the opportunity to listen to a legendary scholar, such as Sister Callista Roy was one of the most stimulating events in my career as a nursing student at Holy Family University. The process of students undergoing nursing school is so that they may acquire knowledge and clinical skills through different levels of adaptation. With that in mind, the Roy Adaptation Model may be used as a guide for student nurses throughout their progression from student to healthcare professional. Using the Roy Adaption Model as a guideline, I will reflect on my own personal challenges of being a nursing student, future nurse, and my eventual goal as future nurse leader.
Sister Callista Roy developed the Roy
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It is consisted of assessing the patient’s behaviors, identifying the stimuli that influence the behaviors, analyzing and making a nursing diagnosis based on patient’s adaptive state, making goals that will support adaptation, implementing interventions to help patient’s achieve those goals, then finally evaluating the effectiveness of the whole process. These steps are thoroughly followed by every nurse with every patient. It is the basic framework in providing care to promote well-being and optimal health (Aligood and Tomey, 2010). As a nursing student, it is important that we understand the Roy Adaptation Model because it is the framework for how we should care for our patients. The model is implemented into our clinical skills very earlier on and stressed throughout our curriculum. The model is not just a guideline for how we should perform our student duties, but also helps us in identifying our role as a future nurse.
“When push comes to a shove, we will seldom disappoint ourselves. We all harbor greater stores of strength than we think. Adversity brings the opportunity to test our mettle and discover for ourselves the stuff of which we are made. Do not underestimate the power of a person to cope. He may be dependent now but deep within him lies the energy to adapt” (Roy, 2013). The fore mentioned quote by Sister Callista Roy allowed me to come to the

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