Recommendations for Tesco Malaysia Improvements Essay

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Tesco Malaysia has gradually upgraded and improved themselves to serve in the Malaysian culture; almost every household knows about Tesco and it’s an established brand with good reputation. However, even the best brands in the world still have room to improve in other aspects. This part will be recommending areas that Tesco can improve.
In 2012, Malaysia has 29.24 million of population, 65.8% among these people (approximately 19.24 million) are internet users (World Bank, 2012). In other words, Malaysia has about 17 million of people who shops online which is a very huge market. To adapt to this trend, Tesco Malaysia has started the Tesco Online Delivery Services that is convenient to consumers and it is the first hypermarket in Malaysia
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Besides the international language; English, they should also add Bahasa Malaysia as well as Chinese so that all consumers of different races and languages will understand what Tesco is trying to convey. This would help Tesco win the customers’ hearts easily by providing the information clearly regarding their products in different languages. This is one of the Customer-Based Brand Equity that makes customers to feel warmth and respected. Other than that, social media is a good platform to interact easily with their customers. Tesco Malaysia can fully utilize their social media accounts to interact with customers such as organizing contests that allows customers to win prizes. For an example, they can post a question regarding Tesco Malaysia and the first five people who commented with the right answer will win a prize; for example, cash vouchers that encourages them to shop at Tesco Malaysia. Such interactive marketing activity is a win-win situation whereby customers get to win prizes from Tesco and they get free advertising through word of mouth from their customers. In addition, Tesco Malaysia Facebook account is not open for public or their customers to leave a post; they disable the setting for allowing public to post on their Facebook wall. For recommendation, they should allow their customers to post feedback on their wall even though some are negative feedback. However, this is how Tesco can improve on their customer services by allowing customers to

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