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Band of Brother
The streets have always been the epicenter for outlaws, gangs and illegal racing. But the most famous or maybe infamous law breakers on the streets and highway to date, is none other than outlaw bikers. Biker gangs or club are sub culture that are well-known in the United States; the place where it all began. But, some biker gangs or club which does not adhere to the American Motorcyclist Association’s (AMA) rules are considered as counter culture because of their violence, law breaking and reckless behavior. These counter culturing clubs are listed by the AMA as “outlaws” which is a word originated by the Riverside police chief when he blamed visiting outlaws were to be blame during the Riverside, California riot. On top
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It’s because to my opinion, they are so used to the life of a soldier where your everyday life is between live or die situation. That is what these soldiers are trying to find; the feeling of thrill and excitement. Combined with the rules of the biker’s community is to treat everybody like your own blood or family which is what they do during war; be brothers till the end.
“I believe this is why so many military vets gravitate to this lifestyle. It’s the mindset they lived with when in the middle of a blood and guts battle – as in Marines swearing their “No man left behind” oath.”
(Smith, S.2011, September 20. The true meaning of the biker 1%er moniker) It quickly evolves into a sub culture known throughout the country during 1947 which is shortly after World War II. But then, it turned into a counter culture because of some members act violently to protect their club from other clubs. The bond between members is forged through intense and exclusive membership that emphasizes moral, emotional and material interdependence, and reinforces the self-image of social pariahs (Hopper & Moore, 2007; Quinn, 2001; Wolf, 1991). This to my understandings tells me why they were willing to do anything for their club. They consider themselves as the law itself or above the nation’s law. This set of mind is what they hold and practice until now which counters the normal culture. In their opinion, it is their way of life. In the people’s opinion, it is unethical and in my

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