Essay on R.K.Narayan and Swami and Friends

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A little bit about the book...
Anything I mention about the book can be mistakenly understood as 'spoilers', so I would rather give a glance into the book without mentioning any events or plots of the story.
Swami is a mischievous little kid of about 10 years old and living in the era where India was under the British ruling... Like most kids of that age, Swami is a kid who cannot stay at one place and absolutely hated school, even worse Mathematics. School is his absolute nightmare. Anyway the story unfolds around the happenings of this kid and how he constantly gets into trouble and gets a good beating from his father.
Swami is a talkative little kid and thinks that's his way of facing life, talking himself out of everything. But he
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Also the use of simple and short sentences adds to the simplicity of the book.
It is mentioned in the description that the book is about a mischievous ten year old Indian boy, and some parents may be concerned about the influence this will have on the already mischievous children. But the book is as such that it encompasses the mischief of the kids in a view of the kid which harmless and pure in his perspective. Also amidst all the mischief and naught, we actually find that Swami is a loving and a tender kid who's actually very sensitive. It is also a know fact that mischievous kids are the most sensitive and loving people of all. And R. K. Narayan does a great job conveying that to all of us.
So in conclusion it can be said that this book is good read for kids of all ages, who may just enjoy a good read or who may want to improve their English skills.
Author of the book... R. K. Narayan
About the author...
The author of 'Swami and Friends' is India's one of the greatest authors of all time, R. K. Narayan.
R. K. Narayan is responsible for many of the outstanding literary works India has ever produced. And this book in particular captures the essence of India under British ruling and the

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