Psychodelic Drugs Essay

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Psychodelic Drugs


     Alcohol is one of the most widely used drugs in this society. It is accepted as a part of social life. Its use is widely promoted via sponsorship of sporting events. Advertising infers that drinking is the path to happiness, success, romance, etc. There are references to alcohol and its effects from earliest known writings. Alcohol is consumed in the beverage form and sold legally in this state to persons over 21.
     Alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the stomach and small intestine. It is distributed by the blood throughout the body, affecting literally every organ it touches in a matter of minutes. Enzymes in the liver
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For example, a heavy drinker could still be lucid at 0.25%, whereas the average person would barely be able to function. Even so, the heavy drinker would be extremely dangerous on the highway.
     Thirteen percent of male and five percent of female college students nationwide are alcoholic. Persons are considered alcoholic if they exhibit three or more of the following symptoms for more than one month, or if the symptoms get repeated over a longer period of time:
     1.Alcohol is consumed in greater quantities or for longer periods of time than the person intended; 2.The individual has a persistent desire to control or eliminate drinking, or has made one or more unsuccessful efforts to do this (for example, there are resolutions to "cut down," but these efforts disappear after a period of time); 3.Considerable time is spent in obtaining, using, or recovering from alcohol and its effects; 4.Intoxication or its aftereffects (e.g., hangovers) frequently occur at times when the person is expected to fulfill work, family or school obligations; or there is physically hazardous use (e.g., while driving); 5.The individual gives up or reduces social, recreational or job-related activities because of alcohol use; 6.Drinking continues despite the knowledge that alcohol causes the person to have social, psychological or medical problems; 7.Significantly increased tolerance has

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