Propositions for Mitigating the Effects of Global Hunger Essay

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The last 20 years, hunger rates have abated by almost half, however with increasing food prices, global hunger is expected to accrue as well. (Anderson, 2007). About 40 to 60 million people, mainly children, die every year because of hunger. (Robbins, 2012). Close to 200 million children under five years old are malnourished. (Robbins, 2012). Many people may ask how hunger, in developing countries, such as Africa, can be stopped or even solved. The question seems to be; does more food need to be more food produced or is there enough for everyone on earth? If there is enough food, why does not every one have plenty to stay healthy? Hunger, in Africa and other developing countries, could be significantly mitigated or even wiped out …show more content…
(Boren Project, 2013 and USC, 2014). To recapitulate, those are just a few statistics showing just how easy it would be to help. However 30 billion dollars may seem like a lot of money on its own, look at the point of view where everyone helps. If 30 million dollars seems like an unmanageable amount of money, then look at these statics; the United States government spent 379 billion dollars on the new health care website and then it didn’t even work for a few days, the United States army built a 300 million dollar blimp that they never used and sold back to the contractor, the United States government gave Facebook a 295 billion dollar tax refund, they spent 65 million dollars on television campaigns instead of helping people in need after hurricane sandy, and the list counties. (Giokaris, 2013) No, the United States isn’t the only country that is culpable and spends their money on unnecessary things, but the point is that the money needs to be prioritized. Developing countries cannot do it by themselves; they need the help of fully developed countries. The people cannot disavow or procrastinate this problem any longer. So now the question is, if the funding is provided, how will hunger be stopped? The United Kingdom has come up with some beneficent propositions, that they plan to put into action in 2015. These propositions are expected to decrease hunger around the world and also improve health in developing

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