Food Hunger In America

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1 in 7 americans are dealing with food hunger. The USDA defines food insecurity as a “consistent access to adequate food is limited by a lack of money and other resources at times during the year.” 34% of households have to choose between food and gasoline, 27% have to choose between paying rent or feeding their children. Even some of those who have served our country are living with food insecurity in America. ⅓ of this population has diabetes and 58% has high blood pressure so they are also living with health problems and bills that are more expensive then they can afford.

In Maine 15% or 200,000 people are living with food insecurities. Maine however has made it so people who suffer with little to no money can get food stamps or other things from the state to help out with their food insecurity, other countries like Ethiopia, a shocking 40.2% are undernourished. The 2011 Horn of Africa drought left 4.5 million people in Ethiopia in need of food assistance. Areas in southern and south-eastern Ethiopia were most severely affected by the drought. Ethiopia doesn’t have things like food stamps to help. They don’t have access to food or even places to grow food because of living conditions that they are surrounded by.
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They barely have enough food for themselves let alone their children. I believe that the empty bowl supper helps our community a little more every year, the more we spread the word the bigger it gets. I think that doing this more often will lessen food insecurity even more. I would love to help people who are in serious need of food or water. I would travel around the world to listen to their stories and help them in any possible way I

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