Essay Privacy Concerns Within Facebook

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Even though the user is responsible for the information entered through Facebook and other social networking mediums, the corporations are responsible for protecting the data available because unprotected data can lead to harassment, theft of personal belongings, identify theft, putting children at risk. It is for these reasons people are genuinely concerned about how much is made public about them. The dangers of putting personal information on the internet have been highly publicized since the early days of the World Wide Web. They have stemmed from credit card fraud to identity theft, child abduction and with the insurgence of social media the dangers of the internet have begun to affect more and more unsuspecting people. Take …show more content…
Also, using previous research they were able to successfully guess Social Security numbers which gives way to other information like Google profiles, LinkedIn work history, credit report and many other pieces of sensitive personal information. The CMU researchers obtain this Facebook information though Facebook`s Search engine API`s, meaning they did not even have to log into the website (Mui, 2011).

Facebook’s privacy terms and agreements are purposely hard to find and convoluted. Instead of having an easy to read and straightforward document laying out all of the information; what you get is a complicated web of information that is hard to find and ultimately hard to fully grasp and understand what they are reading. The information is separated into groups, which in turn are broken down into subgroups, which in turn are broken down into other subgroups. This is all designed due to the fact that most people will never take the time to read, any of it, let alone all of it and never know what information in readily available to anyone.

Let’s compare Facebook’s policy to Google+ for example. Facebook’s policy contains at a little fewer than six thousand words, while the policy for Google+ only contains a thousand words. Also, the Google+ policy is very direct, simple, and to the point (Singel, 2011). The complexity of the Facebook privacy policy shows that they do not want the average users knowing the information

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