Essay on Pop Culture and Paganism: A Mutation of Truth

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Hollywood, the name alone sparks the interest of the public and invokes dreams of being famous in even the most humble soul. It temps us, influences us and whether we would like to admit it or not plays a role in our way of thinking. It plays a key role in Pop Culture and through movies, TV, radio and the ever expanding wave of magazines, Pop Culture and its influence seems to flow over the world like a great wave of information. One of the strongest areas that seem to be affected by this undeniable influence is the way in which we perceive other people, particularly people of other faiths. One faith that has acquired a particularly wicked reputation with the help of the negative propaganda provided by the many influences within American …show more content…
When the Inquisition was launched, all these groups came under attack, and in order to feed the frenzy, the inquisitors pictured the witches as evil, ugly [devil worshippers]. It was propaganda in a religious hate war.
A tactic that unfortunately was so effective that it has carries itself into today and has embedded itself in Pop Culture. This kind of propaganda was the first string in what would become a confusing knot of truth and fictitious stories that surrounds Paganism in Pop Culture.
Furthermore the fact is that the word Pagan refers to not one but dozens of other religions is a surprise to most people. These religions range from the more well-known forms such as Wicca, Witchcraft and Voodoo to the less thought of forms such as Druidism, Odenisum and Native American Shamanism. In fact it is Ironic that the one religion most strongly associated with Paganism has absolutely no connections to any pagan faiths and that would be Satanism, a fact that Hollywood has conveniently overlooked in its many years of horror movies and suspense driven shows. However this is not to say that those who make these movies and shows don’t make an attempt to research and understand the Pagan faith, unfortunately in most cases the research that is done is only touches the surface of what Paganism is. They find symbols, festivals and Gods that suit their needs, and then they run with it and began to

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