How Did Elvis Presley Influence Pop Culture

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A man who’s touched the hearts of thousands across the nation. You’ve seen his name on billboards in history books, and TV. A legendary king of rock and roll, he was known as none other than Elvis Presley. Presley came from an impoverished environment and became one of the most influential figures in 20th century American pop culture. His music brought joy, love, and gyrate. Presley’s music was outstanding because he had many genres, “Elvis combined different types of music to form a style called rockabilly, which became one of the key sounds in rock ’n’ roll” (Wiley 1). He was a charming man that wanted nothing but a good life until depression alienated his life. Elvis Presley was on born January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi (Editors 1). In fact, Presley was sadly a twin but his brother Jessie Garon was stillborn making Elvis the only child. In 1948, his parents and him moved to Memphis, Tennessee. Gladly Presley and Elvis frequently attended the assembly of God Church where gospel music became important (Editors 1). On his 11th birthday Elvis got a guitar for his birthday present which he had learned the basic cord. He wanted to focus more on his vocals so he can make music with his guitar. …show more content…
Elvis was devoted to his mother and he decided that he wanted to be known around the world. With only $4, Elvis went to Sun studio where he recorded first demo (Editors 1). Sam Phillips the manager from the studio thought highly of his music and he wanted to make a record deal with Elvis. Hitting No. 1 on the billboard, Elvis Presley became a superstar in 1954 with his first single hit “That’s All Right”. His looks, hip shaking, singing, guitar player, and role model for generations of cool rebels made him remarkable in America (Kemp

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