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Elvis Aaron Presley changed music forever, and his family helped him through it all. The life they had was rough, filled with poverty, hardship, and difficulty. Elvis was born a twin, however the twin was stillborn. This means that the baby was born dead. This left the family devastated and depressed even at the very beginning of Elvis’s life. Because they had such little money, the Presleys were forced to live in a small shotgun house in Tupelo, Mississippi. After moving several times and getting himself well known, Elvis was eventually drafted into the Army. During his draft he met Priscilla, his soon to be wife. Elvis became even more successful after his time in the army; he made albums, movies, appeared on talk shows, won many awards, …show more content…
Vernon sold a hog for four dollars, but he tried to change it to forty dollars (12). Elvis and his parents at the time lived in a beat up shotgun house, which they had to leave when Vernon was sent away. Today, it is a museum site for fans to come see where Elvis lived as a child (Elvis Presley Biography). While Vernon was in prison, Gladys and Elvis stayed with some family in a very small house. The neighbors created a petition to release Vernon, and it worked! He was released after eight months for good behavior (Mason …show more content…
Elvis never got over this devastating situation, and he even broke down in front of fans and reporters when he was asked about his mother. Presley returned back to Memphis for the funeral, but a week later he went to Germany where he served for a year and met the love of his life, Priscilla Presley (Elvis Presley Biography). Many worried that Presley’s absence would cause him to lose fame. Presley snapped back. As he was on his way to get aboard the ship to Germany, he said: "I'd like to say that in spite of the fact that I'm going away and will be out of their eyes for some time, I hope I'm not out of their minds" (Guralnick

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