Physical Inactivity Essay

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Introduction and purpose
Ageing is a common process in life. With ageing, functional capabilities deteriorate and lead to major risk in health. So for older people, keeping them physically active is an important role in their healthy ageing. This will help them to maintain their independence and value their life as long as they live. Engaging in physical activity will reduce the risk of chronic conditions and improve the state of mind and well being. Being physically active by participating in regular physical activities has a major health advantage which has been well documented. Despite the advantage of day to day physical activity a large number of older people go ahead with their inactive way of life. This study was conducted in
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Based on the suggestion from previous researchers, the participant’s size was increased. Ninety old adults were selected from six nursing homes from the two counties in the central part of Taiwan. In this study the researcher is hoping to find the causes of physical inactivity in older adults. The major findings emerged from this data analysis were 1) physical health problems and physical frailty, 2) fear of resultant injury or falling 3) past sedentary lifestyle, 4) insufficient understanding about physical activity and 5) environmental restrictions (Chen, 2010).
The qualitative exploratory study was used in this research to collect details from the LTC residents. “Participants were (1) 65 yrs or older, (2) not engaged in any physical activities, (3)Been in the nursing homes for more than six months, (4) do not have any mental or cognitive impairment, (5)able to converse.” (Chen, 2010) The interview started with formal introduction and a warm up. Places for the interviews were selected according to the choices of participants. Each participant was asked about their participation in their regular physical activities. If they are not participating in regular activities, participants were asked to give the reasons or for not performing the activity. Open-ended questions were asked. The interview

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