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New technology has always been truly enthralling to me; I grew up with an MSDOS PC and the interaction with computers from such a young age helped form a bond while still fills me with excitement like a small child whether I'm typing in the very last line of code for a program, updating to the latest builds of my favourite beta software or finally working out how to patch a glitchy "feature" in Microsoft's latest OS! We live in the centre of a technological revolution with the real-time Web, new operating systems and ever cheaper portable computers and mobiles; it’s these developments that fuel me with a passion knowing that I want to be working on the next generation of software and technology.

In 2005 I became a developer in a
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I've also coded a complex PHP and MySQL back-end for a website and numerous front ends in HTML and CSS.

Since year 11 I've been regularly attending open science lectures at Cardiff university on subjects ranging from the health benefits of chocolate to the big bang theory and history of the cosmos. I've also been an avid reader of magazines such as PC Pro and other scientific and technological journals both online and offline, most notably Wired and Lifehacker which I subscribe to and read updates from day in and day out. As well as this I have a good broader understanding for the world through reading broadsheets such as The Guardian and having travelled extensively on motorbike journeys through Asia.

In high school I developed a keen interest for maths and was selected for the Maths Able Group in which 10 of us would meet weekly to be set challenges and solve problems together. Since then I've enjoyed applying my Maths and problem solving skills in many areas from competing in the National Cipher Challenge to attending the Maths Club lectures in Cardiff University and Statistics lectures in the University of Glamorgan. I also gained a gold CREST award this year for work with the Engineering Education Scheme Wales. Based on my achievements within the UK Mathematics Trust competitions I was selected for the 5 person inter-school maths team and we've now won the national Welsh competition two years running - it is

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