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In the essay “On the Rez” which is written by Ian Frazier, the author tells us about life near the
Indian Reservations. Life there can be very though, especially when some of your neighbors treat you with no dignity all because of your color and ethic group. The author then tells us various types of racial discrimination that the Indians felt around the Indian reservations, but the main story is about how a fourteen year old high school student was able change the hatred that was around her reservation, all from a single action that happened in a basketball game. The name of this fourteen year old high school who changed everything around her reservation is SuAnne Big Crow. She was only a freshman but she
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So, instead of giving into the fear and hated what was in the basketball courtroom, SuAnne Big Crow instead overcame the fear and hatred with good, and showed the Lead fans the truth about Indian culture; thereby changing the relationship between two groups of people and uniting them as one; and because of her actions, she became a true hero. The hatred that was present at the high school gymnasium was as Frazier put it, “centuries old”
(591), and it was most powerful at the gymnasium, but it did not stop her. The hatred that was at the gymnasium was all the hatred that was in the area for hundreds of years put together. As Frazier put it
“some people in South Dakota hate Indians, unapologetically, and will tell you why; in their voices you can hear a particular American meanness that is centuries old” (591). What Frazier is telling us is that this form of hated that has lasted for centuries, and that it is openly expressed by the people who believe so. Frazier in the first part of this essay goes on long lengths to show the reader the dangers of this, hating people based only on what their ancestors, instead of their deeds. And this is exactly what the Lead fans in the gymnasium were doing. They were doing it in full use, it was not a simple mockery or trying to discourage the other team, this was a “ particular American meanness”(Frazier 591). But this is what

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