Nō Dramas Essay

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Atsumori is a Nō drama written by Zeami whereas Nonomiya was thought to have been written by Komparu Zenchiku. Even though these two dramas were written by different people, they both incorporate past literary sources as their base. Nō dramas are usually influenced by past works of literature such as Genji Monogatari, Ise Monogatari, and the Kokinshū. These two Nō plays are mainly based upon Heike monogatari and Genji monogatari. The Atsumori Nō drama was based from Heike Monogatari and the story of Atsumori of the Taira clan who was killed by Kumagai of the Minamoto clan. Like many other Nō plays, this one focuses on Buddhism and how a spirit that needs help moving on. This is accomplished usually by reciting the Lotus sutra and …show more content…
Atsumori was confused, so when he found out that Rensho was the man who killed him, he was angry and wanted revenge. Like most Nō plays this story includes Buddhism, where fighting is not the answer and how attachment to things in this world is not good. In this case it was Atsumori’s flute, which he had to go back and get. These Nō plays were a way for the people to remember the stories like Heike monogatari. Nonomiya or The Wildwood Shrine was clearly influenced by Genji Monogatari with the reference to the Rokujo lady and Aoi, Genji’s first wife. The story revolves around the Rokujo lady and her attachment to the Wildwood shrine because she thinks that she will eventually meet with Genji again. During this story there are mentions of her carriage damaged by Aoi’s men while waiting to get a glimpse of Genji. These hints and characters are what the people watching the play can relate to because they would supposedly know Genji. There were also adaptations of poems from the Kokinshū and references to the Burning Mansion from Buddhism. Literary works have influenced these Nō dramas by using past stories as the base or using adapted poems from past poets. The significance of the Nonomiya play was that it also gave another perspective to a popular story. This play goes into more detail on this minor character of Genji monogatari and gives the reader more of an appreciation for her. In

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