New Born Athletes Essay

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New Born Athletes

There are many "cultures" people get caught up in today, and one of those is the desire for money and fame. Many people use those two words to define "success". So much emphasis is put on this that it sometimes becomes the only thing that motivates many of us today. We don't care what it takes to reach this. One place where this is very evident is in sports, especially basketball.

In many instances, it has gotten to the point where children, or young adults are making the decision to forgo college, an education, to make money. These athletes are either leaving college early for a career in the NBA or they are going straight from high school to the NBA. Granted, this is what most of them love to do, it has
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He was not the only one to benefit from the decision he made, his team was able to do more because they did not have to find someone to fill his position. His teammates had learned to depend on him and what he did for the team, therefore, without him they probably would not have had the success they did. No one can dispute the fact that Michael Jordan made the money and got the fame, but he did it in his time and he considered others while making his decision.

Another name in the NBA world that is quickly rising and has been said to be the next Michael Jordan, is Kobe Bryant. Bryant's situation is completely different than Jordan's. Kobe went straight from high school to the NBA. He could have gone to any college he wanted, but he chose not to. He made the best decision for him, but can you image your child or yourself going straight from high school to the career world? He knew he probably would not have stayed fours years at any school, if he had gone to college, so it probably benefited more than just him. If he had gone to college the team, most likely, would have been very dependent on his skills and his presence in every game, and then for him to have left early could have destroyed the team. Kobe has also made a very generous amount of money and his fame is growing each season. So, if this is how you define success, then Kobe is very successful.

There are many other athletes who have left college

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